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7-09-11, Once Again, Spotlighting The Dark Side Of Tupelo Mississippi: The American Family Assoc., A Pseudo-Christian, Tax Exempt, Hate Organization.

July 09-2011

The AFA’s tax exempt status is being questioned in this politically inspired event involving Texas Governor Rick Perry and others from the Fundamentalist Religious Right. I question just how far the AFA can go before being charged with violating their tax-exempt status and, not only in this particular planned event but many, many others like it as well?

“According to the Texas Independent: “The Response,” a call to prayer for a National Crisis, is being denounced by The Houston GLBT Political Caucus for the governor’s partnership with co-host, the American Family Association, a conservative Christian organization classified as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for promoting false, anti-gay propaganda, such as linking homosexuality with the cause of the Holocaust. Houston Press reports:

“AFA is a recognized hate group. Its primary existence is to demonize GLBT Americans and oppose equality.” said Caucus president Noel Freeman. “It is abhorrent that Governor Perry would choose to kickoff his presidential ambitions in partnership with a hate group that refers to us as Nazis, claims the Holocaust was caused by the GLBT community, and supports the eradication of people living with HIV.”

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