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Well, throw me down! AFA’s Tim Wildmon forgot to mention his involvement in the Seven Mountains Dominionist Crusade which is a plan(originating with Pentecostal Church Activists) to take control and influence of America in seven specific areas: family, religion, education, entertainment, business, media and government. One well-known dominionist declared, “if you have those seven areas, you can shape and control whatever takes place in nations, continents, and even the world.”

Who would have ever thought Tim Wildmon might someday sit right in the very lap of the Almighty, endowed with control of the “whole world” ? – ab


“Coming Soon: AFA Documentary Could Save The Republic From Secularists & Gays”

by Peter Montgomery, Right Wing Watch, 8/02/11

“Another reason to get your tickets for this year‘s Value Voters Summit, a fund raising letter from the American Family Association promises that its new “documentary” — Divorcing God: Secularism, Sexual Anarchy and the Future of the Republic — will debut at the VVS, the major annual political gathering for the Religious Right movement.”

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