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According to media sources, Tupelo MS’s Tax Exempt AFA paid for Rick Perry’s “Response” political rally for president and lied about it, calling it an apolitical rally. Perry is considered an important political ally of the Christian Right as they embark on their campaign for Christian Seven Mountains Dominion over America (control of government, education, business, religion, media, family, entertainment) and, gradually, according to pseudo-historian David Barton, dominion over the “whole world”. Hence, the specter of another uninvited “Dark Ages”with all its accompanying barbaric human rights violations and right-wing Christian contrived horrors. –ab


“The New Guy”

by Gene Karpinski, HP, Aug. 17, 2011

The “Washington Post” claims Gov. Rick Perry is a “climate science denier”…

“Perry makes clear that he would take down every environmental and public health protection implemented in our nation if given the chance. One of the first policy positions he’s asserted since announcing his candidacy is to call for a ‘moratorium on all regulations’ including EPA safeguards meant to protect the air we breathe and water we drink.”


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