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Two Characteristics I Automatically Assign To The Christian Fundamentalist’s quest for political power: One is “To Lie” and Two is “To Buy” in the name of the Almighty.– AB

“Perry’s Controversial Money Man”

by Michelle Goldberg, Sept. 6, 2011, Daily Beast

“Archconservative James Leininger bankrolled Perry’s rise, helped religious fundamentalists take over the Texas GOP, and is lining up Christian leaders behind the governor’s 2012 bid.”

“During the last weeks of his 1998 race for Texas lieutenant governor, Rick Perry was tied with Democrat John Sharp, and many expected him to lose. That’s when James Leininger, an archconservative San Antonio multimillionaire, and two other Texas tycoons stepped forward with a $1.1 million loan for a last-minute media blitz. It was more than 10 percent of the total Perry raised for that race, and it probably was decisive—Perry won with 50.4 percent of the vote. ‘I congratulate Leininger,’ Sharp later told The Austin Chronicle. ‘He wanted to buy the reins of state government. And by God, he got them.’”

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