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HP, Sept. 24, 2011

GOP Administrator Al Cardenas:

“Cardenas said that while many Republicans agree with Perry that Social Security needs to be reformed, the Texan’s rhetoric about the program being a “Ponzi scheme” was ill-advised.”

“When you call Social Security a Ponzi scheme, that tends to get some folks concerned. I think the electorate in a Republican primary is open to reform ideas … but they’re not willing to see us do away with it or to consider it in danger,” he said. “So when you use wording that may put it in an endangered category in the minds of a listener, that’s when you gotta explain yourself a little better.”


My guess is that Perry’s political advisor and financial gift-horse, the Rev. Don Wildmon of the “Dark Side” of Tupelo MS, has instructed Perry on his political Social Security ponzi scheme mumbo-jumbo.

A lot of us, myself included, are dependent on a Social Security check for our survival. Rev. Wildmon is by no means qualified to advise on legislation that effects any American’s Social Security Benefits. Period. Wildmon supports Perry thinking he is the president who will be the driver for his long sought-after Christian Dominionism to rule America according to the Seven Mountains format. Perry is a gullible means to an end for an activist like Rev. Don Wildmon. If Social Security is a “ponzi scheme,” Wildmon’s tax-exempt status is a “total fraud”( a simplified term) perpetrated on those working-class people who pay their taxes. Bring on the IRS! Bring on the Republican ethics investigators! PRONTO!!! BEFORE WILDMON & PERRY WREAK MAYHEM ACROSS THE LAND! -AB

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