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“Due to the handiwork of a fringe religious activist, Mississippians will soon vote on a ballot initiative that would ban abortion in cases of rape and incest.”–TM


“Leave it to a tractor salesman to be in charge of Mississippi’s OB/GYN department.. What’s next?? The Rush Limbaugh Academy of Nutrition???”– Select Public Comment No.1 of 150+

By Tim Murphy, M.Jones, Oct. 16, 2011

[A Must-Read for every Mississippian, and all others interested in preserving a woman’s current reproductive rights.] –AB

“The most controversial item on the Mississippi ballot this fall is not a politician but rather an idea. In November, Mississippians will vote on an amendment to change the meaning of the word ‘person’ in the state constitution. Under the new language, human life would begin not at birth but at the moment of fertilization. If the amendment passes, it will outlaw abortion in the state entirely, even in cases of rape or incest. It might even leave some forms of contraception, and procedures such as in vitro fertilization, on life support.”

“But for all the momentum it has gained, the amendment is in large part the handiwork of one lesser known figure, an activist named Les Riley. A tractor salesman,…”

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