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 It’s really ironic that the so-called Christian Religious Right (ie., AFA) are seemingly dedicated to the unnecessary bashing of Paganism when Pagans made such a well-documented historical contribution toward the rise of Christianity. For example, the Biblical story of the “virgin birth” originated with the early Pagans. The story was incorporated into the early Biblical texts, in most cases, at the insistence of prospective Pagan converts to the new Jesus religion but to the chagrin of the Jews. Also, the presently controversial “Christmas Tree” concept was borrowed by Christians from the existing Paganism of the times, not to mention many other Pagan tenets that found a second home in the new Christendom. To deny this commentary is to deny Christianities’ early history.–AB

The War On Christmas : Hide The Baby Jesus!

 By Tim King, Sojo. Net, 12-6-11, Re-posted excerpt and link by AlBratt 12-11-11

 “It’s especially curious considering that the use of the fir tree around the winter solstice is commonly traced back to Germanic pagan traditions, not Christian ones.”– Tim King

 “Now comes the American Family Association and its (seemingly annual) call to action prompted by Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee’s decision to rename the capitol’s official Tannenbaum a “holiday tree” rather than a “Christmas tree…”

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