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American exceptionalism is to America as Aryan purity was to WWII Germany. ( In other words, its BullP00P)

God DID bless America, including what is now the United States. And as Americans, we did great things with those things. But now, not so much. Now, we are globalized and consequently suboptimized as a country and politicized more and more because of the huge wealth disparities that have broken our national cohesiveness.

Our STRONG middle class is what made us a great nation. Weakening our middle class is what has killed the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs. And the RICHEST one percent don’t care. Never have cared.

History is replete with once great empires, so how does OURS make us exceptional? REBUILDING AMERICA and its Middle CLASS will MAKE American Exceptionalism a reality, and not just a political slogan….more
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