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Pseudo-Christian Right (e.g., AFA On The “Dark Side” Of Tupelo, MS) Foiled Once Again In Their Continued War On A Woman’s Reproductive Rights. It’s Time For Them To Keep Their Fundie Fingers Out Of A Woman’s Womb!– AB


“Nevada Judge Rules Fetal Personhood Initiative Misleading To Voters”

by Laura Bassett, HP, 12/19/11, Re-posted to AlBratts Blog 12/22/11

WASHINGTON — Nevada’s anti-abortion movement experienced a setback on Monday when a district judge ruled that a new Fetal personhood ballot measure — similar to the high-profile measure that recently failed in Mississippi — is misleading to voters. The judge rewrote the initiative to include all of its potential effects on birth control, in vitro fertilization, treatment for ectopic pregnancies and stem cell research. 

Learn more about this ruling and the impact on women’s reproductive rights…

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