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Spotlighting The Dark Side Of Tupelo, MS: Don Wildmon’s Tax-Subsidized AFA

by Brian Tashman, RWW, 12-30-11, Re-posted link by AlBratt 1-1-12  

Gingrich, Wildmon And Garlow Hold Conference Call With Iowa Pastors As Caucus Approaches.

 “Facing a barrage of negative ads and a severe drop in support among Iowa voters, Newt Gingrich today held a conference call with Iowa pastors to build up his support among the state’s social conservative voters. Religious Right leaders Don Wildmon and Jim Garlow, both of whom have endorsed Gingrich, were featured on the call, and David Brody of CBN News obtained Wildmon’s letter sent to Iowa pastors. In the letter, Wildmon stressed Gingrich’s “thrust to remove elitist judges,” including the Iowa justices who “voted in 2009 to impose homosexual marriage on all Iowans;” in fact,…”

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