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Tupelo MS’s Homophobic Don Wildmon started out supporting the Homophobic Ricky Perry, Gov. Of Texas, but dropped Perry like a nest full of mad red-wasps soon thereafter. Then, more recently, Wildmon has met with other leaders of the so-called Religious-Right to decide who will fill the vacancy left by Perry. The Homophobic Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania fame is, according to some news media, high on the list to fill the Perry void, further proof that Homophobia is contagious among Homophobics of the Christian Right! – AB

Rick Perry Decks The Halls With Boughs Of Homophobia

by Rev. Susan Russell, HP, 12-30-11, Re-posted by AlBratt Jan 8, 2012

“It’s beginning to look a lot like [a slightly belated] Christmas — but sadly Rick Perry is decking the halls with homophobia rather than holly. His new December ad campaign promising voters that as president he would “end Obama’s war on religion” and “fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage” begins: read more here…