Religion Among Americans Hits Low Point, As More People Say They Have No Religious Affiliation: Report.


“Religion, like any other institution, is subject to abuse by man.

Westboro Baptist church protests, a Preacher that wants to burn Koran, abuse by Clergy upon children.”



However, Mankind like any other institution, is subject to abuse by religion. Westboro baptist church is one good example of religious intolerance and outright bigotry.

Proclaiming the work of God in a Book of ancient myths, errant at best and compiled by a hoard of priestly individuals claiming to be the “finger” of God while pointing that mythical finger of God at Mankind and promising Hell Fire for those men that don’t conform to phony religious morals. Almost Nothing is original in the Holy Bible. It was all borrowed from other religions in other civilizations  that existed before the mythical story of the Creation of the Earth and the man and the Garden and the Heavens.

The “child abuse” that is common to the catholic church is the Nail that has been driven in it this very day.  Organized religion is the Scourge of Mankind! The list of why goes on for page after page.