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The Hoax

Sen. Bernie Sanders, HP, April 13, 2013.

Climate Deniers like to joke about the effects of Climate Change and even outright deny what the scientific community has been trying to tell them for years about the dire effects. But, when Climate Change continues unchecked as it is now, and extreme,  widespread  famine becomes so severe it closes down the Deniers food, water and beverage supplies, they will start to whine and pull their hair and scream as loud as they can. No doubt, by that time, it will be too late to save themselves from becoming the prime food source of thousands of cannibals of every stripe that will be roaming the countrysides in search of their share of edible protein. It will be called survival of the fittest in a never-before-seen-jungle where the law says, “it’s every man for himself!” Learn to live with it, Climate Deniers!–ABratt

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