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Disney World’s ‘Gay Days’ Protested By One Million Moms.

“Rev. Don Wildmon’s American Family Association headquartered on the ‘Dark Side’ of Tupelo, MS and listed as an American hate organization has been on Disney’s case for years as Disney has always welcomed gays and all other American citizens to their entertainment center. Wildmon’s first campaign to disrupt Disney failed. (Google it). Now, the pseudo-Christian AFA, promoting that un-Godly lie of one million moms/dads/kids or whatever the preacher could dream up is at it again. I would conclude that the recent attack on Disney is the result of fears by the AFA’s Honcho that Gays are now coming closer and closer to being awarded their much deserved human rights. Consequently, it’s time for them to get busy and enjoy as much bigotry as possible before that godless conduct is forced to cease.”–ABratt