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Today, self-righteous Homophobic Preachers preach Intolerance, bigotry, false witness, all categories of propaganda, and much more in their assaults on the Gay Communities across America and the entire world beyond. Anti-gay is the only gospel they know or desire to know, even so, it pays big dividends in donations not to mention the tax-exempt /tax-subsidized public funds  they receive to further enhance their collection plates.

The total amount of yearly collections in US dollars going to Homophobic American Religious- Right organizations  would be breathtaking to say the least.  Homophobic Preachers , I’m inclined to believe, are driven more  by the “love of money and political power” than by the love of Jesus Christ which is their supposed true calling in life.

What do you think  Jesus would be inclined to say to the self-anointed, self-righteous,  Homophobic disciples  if He descended  from Heaven today like so many  people of faith believe He will?–ABratt

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Desmond Tutu Would Prefer Hell Over A Homophobic Heaven.