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An Open Letter To:

Mr. Joe Rutherford, Tupelo, MS Daily Journal Letters To The Editor: As a citizen of Tupelo, Mississippi, I would like to share an article  that I believe will be of interest to you and your DJ readers:

‘Safe Seats’ And The Media’s Soft Spin About Radical …

“According to press accounts, one of the universal truths about the current government shutdown is that more Republican members of the House have adopted increasingly brazen political strategies because they’re elected from safe districts.”

“Due to the growing polarization of American politics and its voting patterns (along with gerrymandering), Tea Party-aligned Republicans from deeply red districts have embraced unorthodox behavior and unprecedented strategies because local voters staunchly support them even if their agenda is unpopular nationwide. It’s that electoral freedom…”–E. Boehlert 

Read more here:‘Safe Seats’ and the Media’s Soft Spin About Radical Republicans | Eric Boehlert.



Al Bratton

Tupelo, MS