Tim Wildmon Daily Journal Letter: Political Correctness Undermines Values…


Human Rights Violator, Bigot, and  AFA  President Tim Wildmon, representing The “Dark Side” Of Tupelo, MS, decided on July 27, 2014, he had every reason to slam Gay Football Star Michael Sam in his personal column because, for one reason, he Is allowed to do his little “dirty hate work” through the Tupelo Mississippi Daily Journal uncensored and supported by the Editor of course, and others.  

Wildmon’s post is as follows:

“The politically correct or ‘progressive’ crowd found a new target this week.When asked about ‘[Out and Proud]’ football player Michael Sam, former NFL coach Tony Dungy said he would not have drafted Sam had he still been coaching. Said Dungy: “I wouldn’t have [drafted] him. Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it. It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen.”

“‘For this comment, ESPN commentator Keith Olbermann named Dungy the ‘Worst Person in the World’ on Monday night. Condemnations of Dungy came from all over.’”

“This is where the ‘progressive’ movement is. If you hold a view that is not in agreement with theirs, you are to be demonized by them, the progressives, who, ironically, don’t believe in demons. Why do they do this? It’s because they, the progressives, consider themselves morally superior to [ “those of us who hold traditional values “Is Bigotry aimed at your fellow man, Wildmon, because he has a different sexual lifestyle than you, against ‘traditional values’ or are your ‘traditional values’  a national scam? ] “even though, again, ironically, progressives don’t believe in moral values unless they define them. They moralize against those who promote morality.” [And of course, you,Tim are a ,promoter, of morality’ and a pure hypocrite to boot].

“The progressive movement is out to destroy our country as it has existed. It is against patriotism. It is against religion in general and is in particular hostile to evangelical Christianity and traditional Catholicism. It is against borders. It is against capitalism. It is for high taxation and government control and regulation of almost everything. It wants people depending on government so they can be controlled. It believes government debt is good. It is against our Bill of Rights, in particular the First and Second Amendments. It is for abortion on demand even through nine months of pregnancy. It wants to downgrade the American military. It rejects the idea that Western Civilization is superior to other civilizations. And it most certainly is for promoting the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement and punishing people who dare speak against it. Basically, what I have just described is the platform of the modern day Democratic Party and the philosophy/agenda of much of the New York/Washington, D.C., liberal media, Hollywood and most university campuses. When Barack Obama said he wanted to ‘fundamentally transform’ America, what he was saying to his fellow hardcore progressives was: ‘I’ve got the wrecking-ball ready.’”

“Sexually, God made man for woman and woman for man. It’s obvious. It’s natural. Progressives can’t stand this. So they are always trying to equate homosexuality with heterosexuality or elevate homosexuality over [above] heterosexuality. When someone like Dungy makes a comment that can in any way been seen as challenging this narrative then that person must be immediately discredited or publicly shamed no matter the truth of what he is saying.”

[ Wildmon forgot to mention the fact that God also made lesbian/gay women for lesbian/ gay women. If he doesn’t believe that, how can he  possibly believe God made him to be the only true straight man on earth–the other Adam yet to be mentioned in the Biblical Scriptures. As for Tony Dungy, Wildmon has no idea what he was really trying to say about Michael Sams, he decided he would offer-up his opinion, regardless, and in the Tupelo Mississipppi Daily Journal where fact checking is unknown when it comes to their Pious & Good Community Columnist, Tim Wildmon!]  

Wildmon: “By the way, having been a sports reporter for a few years I’ve been in many football locker rooms where the players walk around naked or half-naked, changing clothes and going in and out of the showers. Putting a man like Sam, who says he is sexually attracted to men, in with all that “beefcake” [a common gay term used to describe sexually attractive macho men and boys]  seems unfair to the straight players and a distraction to Sam. Would you put a heterosexual man in the locker room/showers with all the female cheerleaders? Would you tell the girl cheerleaders who objected to this man being in the locker room that they needed to end their bigoted and sexist attitude and treat the man with respect?

[You would need to ask the female cheerleaders that question, don’t you think, Pious Tim.]

“Tony Dungy will probably survive being the ‘worst person in the world.’ But the fact that he is in the crosshairs of the PC Gestapo over this comment is chilling to free speech and free thinking. It’s ironic that the people who now scream the loudest about tolerance have become the least tolerant among us.”–Tim Wildmon. 7-27-14. (885 +- words)

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