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“A Prayer For Rickey Meany”[The AFA May Call Itself Christian….] 8-8-11

by James Moore, 8/08/11, HP

* Error: I don’t think James Dobson was founder of AFA.

“The AFA might call itself Christian but its intolerance has gotten the organization labled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of the nature of written and verbal comments from AFA leaders about gays and Jews. (Both are hell-bound, apparently; Jews because, well, you know, and gays because they have ‘chosen’ an alternative lifestyle.) Of course, AFA says it loves gays and is praying for them to understand the sinful choices they have made. And Jews, well, you know. If AFA believes you can ‘pray away the gay,’ can you get rid of your Jewishness, too?”

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