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Rev. Susan Russell: Chris Christie Stands On The Lester Maddox Side Of History


“We know the arc of history bends toward justice and we trust that the core American values of ‘liberty and justice for all’ will prevail in the struggle for marriage equality as they have on other historic fights for civil and human rights. In the meantime, however, those like Chris Christie who choose to stand where Lester Maddox stood — blocking some Americans from equal access to the equal protections guaranteed all Americans — should be called to account for the cost of this culture war being waged as part of a wider political agenda. Whether the target is health care for women or marriage for same-sex couples, all Americans suffer collateral damage when the fundamental rights of some Americans become sacrificial lambs on the altar of partisan politics.”

“And so when the flags fly at half-staff tomorrow in New Jersey, they won’t just be marking the sad fact of Whitney Houston’s untimely death. They will also be marking the sad fact that the Governor of New Jersey chose to stand for bigotry rather than equality. New Jersey deserves better. America deserves better. And Governor Christie should know better.”– Rev. Susan Russell

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