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Spotlighting A Revised Edition of The ‘Dark Side’ Of Tupelo, MS…..–Al Bratton, Tupelo, 11-28-13

Open Letter to Tupelo, Lee Co.  General Public, Tupelo Daily Journal Editor, Joe Rutherford:

Citizens of Tupelo and North Mississippi should be made aware of activities of  their Tupelo-based, Tim Wildmon managed, American Family Association.–Al Bratton

“The AFA is a notorious anti-gay hate group.”: A link to SPLC outlining AFA’s “Hate Group” designation.

“The problem with the claim [from the American Family Association] is that it just isn’t true. Charisma News just took the AFA as a legitimate source, which it isn’t. Religious fundamentalists believe AFA legitima[cy] simply because it tells them what they want to hear. Truth and accuracy has nothing to do with it.”

 “The Religious Right assumes certain things true. Anything substantiating these beliefs is assumed accurate and reported as such — no matter how flimsy or implausible.”…–James Peron

Read the complete link below:

Anatomy of a Smear: The Religious Right vs. the American Psychiatric Association | James Peron